At San Bernardino Paving Pros, you can rely on the services of our paving professionals in San Bernardino, CA. We have assembled a team of the best and most effective paving professionals around. With our help, we’ll be able to provide you with commercial and residential paving services. Our experts will always rely on the most efficient equipment and tools to perform the job that they have been tasked to perform. Our paving professionals pay close attention to the details of the work they are performing. It all begins with their performing a complete evaluation of the area where paving is to occur. Doing so enables them to find the necessary materials and allows them to inform customers of the timeline. This helps our customers to plan financially for the work being performed. Our experts will be with you from beginning to end to see you through the entire paving process. Since our paving experts have the necessary skills needed to carry out their duties, you can be certain that they will be performed to your total satisfaction.

About Us

We are noticing our business continuing to grow, annually. While this doesn’t surprise us, we realize that it is something that most people would like to know about who are planning on doing business with us. At San Bernardino Paving Pros, we offer you the best quality of paving services in San Bernardino. We can confidently say this because we always take our time to make sure that the work we do is done right. All of our experts are vetted and professionally background checked. This is why our customers can be confident that they have turned to the right paving professionals in San Bernardino. We consistently offer a superior quality of professional paving services, which is why so many continue to call on us for their paving needs. In order to keep up with industry changes due to advancing technology, our paving professionals continue to receive ongoing training. We work hard to make sure that anyone who calls on us for their paving needs are able to get what they pay for and more.


It is important to pay particular attention to the detail of the work being performed. If careful consideration isn’t given to the details of the job then it is likely that the job will not turn our right. Our experienced pavers have the necessary skills and qualifications needed to effectively address your paving needs. They have experience in asphalt repairs, concrete repairs, sealcoating, striping and more. Regardless of how big or small the job might be, we’re happy to perform the work needed.

San Bernardino Paving Pros - Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving

At San Bernardino Paving Pros we use hot mix asphalt that is sure to give you long lasting benefits. It is the hot mix that is generally used on highways and streets. It provides the roadways with a layer of durability, which is important due to heavy vehicles.

Asphalt & Concrete Repair

Asphalt & Concrete Repair

Whenever you see any part of your asphalt or concrete beginning to wear out, it will be necessary to repair it. You can’t afford to sit by and passively just wait until the problem becomes worse or someone is harmed. Call us today and we’ll get to work on making the necessary repairs to your asphalt or concrete surfaces that are decaying or falling apart. Protect yourself and others by having the repairs made today.

“We continued to experience one problem after another with our parking lot. It recently dawned on us that the job needed to be redone. We contacted San Bernardino Paving Pros because we knew that they would get the job done right. ” – Carla T.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Our experienced paving professionals are often relied on to lay asphalt because it is a time-consuming the process. When sealcoating is applied it serves to protect your asphalt. If you want to avoid water damages, potholes, or cracks, a protective sealcoating is absolutely necessary. It’s also the best way to protect your investment.

San Bernardino Paving Pros - Asphalt Sealcoating

Concrete Paving

When you need to have concrete paving done to your parking lot, walkway, stairs or driveway then it is important that you call on the right persons for the job at San Bernardino Paving Pros. Our experts get it right the first time because they take their time to make sure the job is done right.

Concrete Paving

"San Bernardino Paving Pros offered us the best rate for our new driveway. When we decided to have a new driveway installed, we immediately contacted them and they responded just as fast. No one offers better services than they do.” – Charles W.

Commercial Paving Services

Commercial Paving Services

Every business needs to be protected. Your San Bernardino business is no different. Protect your investment by making sure you can avoid liability for damages caused by your negligence. If you have potholes and cracks in your parking structure, you risk the possibility of a visitor damaging their vehicle. If you don’t have the necessary repairs made, you could be held responsible. Avoid this by contacting us today to care for your commercial paving needs.


Driveway Paving

Our experts at San Bernardino Paving Pros can take care of your concrete or asphalt driveway paving needs. You’ll receive a driveway that is durable and smooth when our paving professionals perform the job of laying your driveway. They are sure to get the job done right the first time around.

“We can honestly recommend the services of San Bernardino Paving Pros because we have used their services. There are other paving services but none of them offer us better asphalt paving than they do. We highly recommend their services to any who needs paving work performed in San Bernardino.” – Winston T.

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There are other paving companies in the area but none are as efficient as we are at San Bernardino Paving Pros. This is why we receive so much repeat business; we give our customers the quality of service they deserve. Call for an appointment today.